Ohio Ordnance Work Inc M2-SLR Belt Fed .50BMG Rifle - 20"

Ohio Ordnance Work Inc
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The Ohio Ordinance M2-SLR is a civilian variant of the classic belt fed 50BMG Ma Deuce. This Semi-automatic belt fed rifle is perfect weather you're a collector or an enthusiasts that's always wanted the classic Ma Deuce. The M2-SLR comes with a Ohio Ordinance carry handle, cleaning kit with pouch, headspace gage set, extractor for ruptured cartridge and a custom foam cut hard case.


  • M2-SLR Custom Fitted Hard Case
  • Cleaning Kit with Pouch
  • Headspace Gage Set
  • Extractor for Ruptured Cartridge
  • Tripod, Pintle and T&E are NOT included with the firearm.
  • 50BMG
  • Semi-automatic Belt Fed
  • 20", 4 Groove RH :12 Twist Barrel

Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc, M2-SLR, Semi-automatic, Belt Fed Rifle, 50BMG, 20" 1:12 Twist Barrel, Flash Hider, Black Phosphate Finish, Includes (200) 50 Cal Links, Cleaning Kit, Headspace Guage Set, Ruptred Case Extractor, Wrench, Custom Fitted Hard Case, Note: Tripod, Pintle and T&E Sold Seperately