Magpul Industries MS1 Sling Black

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This is a new Magpul Industries MS1 sling in black. It features durable custom 1-1/4" wide nylon webbing material, and the MS1 slider that provides rapid adjustment with no slipping. The MS1 Sling is the most versatile addition to the Magpul line of rifle slings. This sling system starts as an optimized, dedicated two-point sling that serves equally well in a one-point role when using optional adapters. In testing, the sling had to survive tens of thousands of cycles in wet, dry and sandy conditions, static load testing without slippage for 72 hours and weighted six foot dynamic drop tests. In addition to the controlled lab tests, we also swam it, jumped it, hunted with it, hiked into the mountains with it, and most importantly shot with it in a variety of rugged field conditions. The manufacturer part number is MAG513-BLK.