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Boss Firearms in College Station TX carries a huge stock of LMT Defense rifles, LMT Defense uppers and lowers, LWRC International rifles, Knights Armament, and Q LLC. 

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LWRC Rifles by LWRC are some of the finest AR-15 rifles on the market. LWRC AR 15 rifles go through extensive testing, to ensure that they will opperate as designed, for military, LEO or civilian use. All LWRC rifles are gas piston AR 15 rifles except their LWRC DI rifles (Direct impingement rifles). 

As of right now, we stock LWRC REPR, LWRC SIX8 A5, LWRC SIX8 A5 pistol, LWRC IC-A5, LWRC PSW and LWRC PDW. If it does not show the LWRC rifle you are looking for in stock, click "notify me" to be first on the list.

Guns For Sale online by LWRC International at BossFirearms. 


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At Boss Firearms, we beleive in bringing you the best of the best AR rifle platforms available to the civilian market. Where better to go than LMT Defense rifles. Used by militaries world wide, they have become a trusted brand since they were founded in 1980.

We currently stock a wide variety of LMT parts, such as the LMT Defense EBCG, LMT lower parts kits, LMT ambidextrous charging handles, barrles and more. We also stock LMT Defense MARS-L SOPMOD complete lower receivers, MARS-L stripped lower receivers, Defender complete lower receivers, Defender stripped lowers. Complete LMT Defense rifles stocked are the LMT Defense Defender in 5.56NATO, LMT Defense Estonia Reference Rifle, LMT Defense L129A1 Reference Rifle, LMT Defense MARS-H DMR, LMT Defense MARS-H in 7.62, LMT Defense MARS-H in 6.5 Creedmoor, LMT Defense MARS-L, LMT Defense MARS-L PDW SBR, and the LMT Defense New Zealand Reference Rifle. 


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Yes, we stock Q LLC! We've got suppressors, pistols, SBR's, and parts in stock! 

The Q El Camino, Q Honey Badger, Q Half Nelson, Q Erector, Q Thunder Chicken, Q Trash Panda, Q Jumbo Shrimp, Q Cherry Bomb, Q Sugar Weasel, and more! 

Founded by Kevin Brittingham, and headquartered in Portsmouth NH, the Live Free or Die state. 

All Q Silencers and firearms are built to the highest quality standards, using only the best possible materials and craftmanship available.  

The founder, Kevin Brittingham was the original founder of Advanced Arms Corp, better known as AAC. AAC was later sold to the Freedom Group under a 4 year non compete. During this time period, Kevin worked with Sig Sauer to help start their silencer program. Also working on firearms projects with Sig as well. Once the non compete was over, Kevin hand picked and assembled an expert team. This ensured Q products are the best available in it's kind. Q LLC, who's slogan is "Live Q or Die" made a promise  to create the very best cutting edge products, with no comprimise. They have done that very thing. 

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